Promise Fellow Bio

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For me, life is a learning experience to be pursued. Growing up in Northern Minnesota, I feel fortunate to have been exposed to a great community and sense of values. Post high school, I continued my studies at Stanford University in order to focus on technology. Outside of academia, I have reaped valuable experience from various work and volunteer positions. One of my favorite experiences, volunteering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula, taught me a lot about myself and my upbringing in Minnesota.

I serve as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow because youth inspire me. While there are a lot of great reasons to serve, being a part of kids’ daily lives is one of my greatest sources of motivation. They see the world in a different way; while it’s our goal to shape them as people, they often reshape my perspective on the world.

Each day students arrive at school and face challenges. Some are old. Others are new. Some involve numbers, books, words, or knowledge. Yet more obstacles are social. Above all else, my goal for every day is to be someone who cares. It’s easy to become jaded. Kids often have no way to see the big picture when it comes to organization, homework, and life beyond middle school. That’s why they need positive role models—adults in their lives who can guide them in more than just algebra or spelling. That’s what I hope to accomplish. And that’s the biggest way I can make a difference in the lives of the youth I serve.